Put Some Gay In Your Day!

No ‘Pagne. All Grain.

Tiny bubbles in the wine make us happy. But despite the immortal words of Don Ho, we want something more. Something stronger. Something more cosmopolitan. And, well, something that could go in a Cosmopolitan.

Be the first to partake of what’s sure to be the latest trend in alcoholic beverages – sparkling liquor. After successfully tickling the tongues of Europeans for the past few years, O2 Sparkling Vodka has hit the States.

Infused with subtle carbonation, O2 is a great mixer, especially when keeping things simple. Ever vigilant, the Gay List Daily Booze (and Shakespeare) Club created cocktail after cocktail to make sure the product was worthy of your taste buds.

And we’re happy to say, it makes the grade. Blended with pineapple nectar, it’s wonderful. In a screwdriver, delish. Who’s up for a Bloody Bubbly Mary?

But the real revelation is the way it elevates a classic dirty martini to masterpiece status. Just be careful not to overfill the martini shaker or you’re likely to have a volcano of Brady-Bunch-science-fair-project proportions.

Because it’s fizzy. And we like it like that.

Now available in AZ, FL, GA, MI, NJ, NY, PA and SC
Coming soon to the rest of the United States



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