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Oprah, girlfriend, you missed out. You may think your little book club finds all the clever, undiscovered tomes to make instant bazillionaires out of the authors, and you, of course. But here on the Gay List Daily Bookmobile, we have books that people actually want to read and in the case of our favorite new memoir, you can bet ain’t nothin’ exaggerated.

In the case of Leslie Jordan, there’s no doubt in our minds about each and every story he tells of Hollywood fame in “My Trip Down the Pink Carpet.” He’s just sort of a magnet drawing in everything bizarre around him and the resulting, often humiliating, tales are gut-wrenchingly hilarious and outrageous, quite a tall task for a book.

Jordan, as most gays will know, is the diminutive actor made internationally famous for his Emmy-winning turn as Beverley Leslie on Will & Grace or in the mega cult-hit Sordid Lives as Tammy Wynette-impersonating mental hospital patient, Brother Boy. (He reprises that role next month in Logo’s Sordid Lives: The Series.)

If you missed his one-man show on tour this year, then you’re in luck because this book covers all the same ground – and then some. From his horrendous ordeals on Star Trek: Voyager to his desert showdown with Boy George in full Geisha gear while shooting a Japanese commercial in a monkey suit.

Stories of directors wanting him to butch it up and his ultimate decision to just be his flamboyant self, track his success story from the moment he set foot in Hollywood to where he is today, a gay man happier than he’s ever been.

The chapters are very short, perhaps not coincidentally given the author, making for a quick, enjoyable beach read that will leave you wanting another trip down the pink carpet very, very soon.

“My Trip Down the Pink Carpet”
by Leslie Jordan

Leslie asked us to let you know that he’s discussing his new book and more on NBC’s “The Today Show” Friday, June 20 during the 10:00 a.m. hour.



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