Fake It, Then Make It


Now, we would never encourage bold face lying, as that’s completely wrong and immoral. But there’s nothing in the fibbing rulebook about adding a little color and flair to one’s stories. And have we found the crayon box mother lode for your next dramatic re-enactment.

Just a few clicks on the World Wide Interweb, and you’ll find yourself at says-it.com, a one-stop-shop of customizable, parody ticket stubs, marquees, official seals, badges and even videotapes. It’s all you need to create history as you remember it.

Friends don’t believe that you were hired by the Gay Mafia as an Official “Package” Inspector? No problem, whip up a free online badge and display it proudly on your My Space page or opt for a printed version in t-shirt, mug, keychain or magnet form.

The possibilities are endless. Why just this week we’ve made an alleged sex tape with Mitt Romney, an official seal from the Queen of Gaytonia proclaiming us Grand Dame of Dish and a marquee to remind everyone that we did indeed star as Ouiser in Steel Magnolias II: Blush, Bashful and Beautiful.

Online at www.says-it.com



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