Pandora Rox


We admit: we snuck a peek at your iPod the other day. Your play list is as tired as a drag queen doing Melissa Etheridge. Seriously.

Fret not: the wizards at Pandora are bringing sexy music back. The artistes of the Human Genome Project have spent years indexing zillions of songs in a few hundred ways to collect fresh musical talent. Pandora is their net-based record player of the future. And just for you.

You suggest a song or artist you love – say, Britney – and Pandora googles their database to create an entire Britney-esque, commercial-free radio station of innovative talent. Then, you rate the songs, adjust the filter, and even make notes about the artist, and Pandora magically refines your station until you get a perfect streaming experience.

You can even scan other fans’ stations, search for your friends’ profiles, and even connect to iTunes or Amazon to purchase all the fun melodies. Groovy, man.

Video may have killed the radio star, but Pandora brought him back. And some rowdy new friends.

Awesome music streaming at www.pandora.com



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