Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Boxer Rebellion

When you hear the words “steel” and “underwear” in the same sentence, images of virginal maidens chipping away at the padlocks on their chastity belts likely spring to mind. Or the sort of weird, chain mail banana hammocks that only a Chippendales dancer would be caught alive in.

Next, picture “25-year anniversary” and “underwear” together. (We’ll pause while you try to block that mental snapshot of your mom in a T-back and Dad in tighty-whities that go down to his knees.)

OK, enough cruelty for one day. Take off your pants and rejoice! It’s the 25th anniversary of Calvin Klein Underwear and the debut of their delicious new cotton and microfiber line for men, Steel. And just like a spoonful of chocolate-crunch ice cream, you’ll want to lick these up and down, too. And go back for seconds.

Best of all, these and all of the Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear collection (except previously marked-down merchandise) are 25% off until October 8 in-store and online at www.cku.com.

Calvin Klein Underwear
Northpark Center



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