Coal Remedy

Black is our go-to color. Just usually not when it comes to skincare. But that’s exactly what you’ll find in every bottle and bar of Black Hatchet activated charcoal soap products handmade in Austin, Texas. Taking into account the difference in the biology of men’s skin versus women’s, the beauty masters at Latika Body Essentials created this line to specifically address the needs of our rugged epidermis. By incorporating, deep, dark, black, activated charcoal into…


Dallas Weekend Guide: June 30 – July 4

In a holiday weekend filled with fireworks and patriotism, there’s more than enough to keep you busy. But here are five of the best (and gayest) events we could find. Tonight – July 10 Psycho Beach Party What: If you missed the first week of this super-gay, super-campy, super-hilarious show from Charles Busch, get to clickin’ for tickets. The Full Scoop: Friday & Saturday Howdy Hour at Round-Up What: The country bar’s great reverse…

Sister Helen Holy

Abortion, Apology & Apocalypse

I have been steeped in study of the book of Revelation and have come to the conclusion that signs of the end times are all around us. Prayerfully consider these things, Brothers and Sisters. Abortion: A huge loss for the Christian Army. Brother Roberts and the Supremes have invoked the wrath of all things Christian by striking down the restrictive abortion regulations passed here in my home state of Texas. I am aghast! So many fine…

Let Me Say This About That

Clutch Pearls

Well, it is official. I’ve now heard from friends in all three political camps that they will be holding their noses and voting for either Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump. And, since this is 2016, that doesn’t mean that I talked to them in all cases…just that they’ve posted their dissatisfaction on Facebook. There are Democrats who supported Senator Sanders who can’t stand Hillary, Republicans who can’t stand Trump, and Independents who can’t stand anybody…which…

Cooped Up

The Kids Take Over Cooped Up

On this episode of #CoopedUp…Lord only knows! My kids took over and my (not so) inner stage mom came out. Plentiful “y’alls” guaranteed.

Sass Fab by Steve Kemble

Hollywood Dish June 23, 20016

Selena Gomez said she fully supports her bestie Taylor Swift’s very quick, some say rebound relationship with Tom Hiddleston stating that if Taylor is happy, more power to her! She went on to jokingly say that DJ’s and musical artist have not worked out well for either one of them, so maybe they should both see if an actor is the way to their hearts. Both Swift and Hiddleston attended Selena’s concert this week in…


Cool Guy Nick

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Those Flaggots sure know how to propose

If there’s one thing that we LOVE, it’s a gay flag corps. The fanciful flags soaring through the air, the short shorts clinging to muscular thighs…wait, where were we? Oh, right, we love flag corps. The only thing that could make them any better is a marriage proposal. And the Flaggots just made exactly that happen at yesterday’s NYC Pride. Try not to cry, we dare you.