Slips of the tongue usually lead to trouble for us. Because they usually take place in a stranger’s mouth in front of a bunch of friends. But for Pearl from RuPaul’s Drag Race, a little mispronunciation is on its way…


Four Courses, Of Course, Of Course

When someone says, “Thai me up,” we listen. Especially when the Thai-ing is in the gifted hands of Braden and Yasmin Wages over at Malai Kitchen. That’s the name of their recently launched tasting menu. We had the privilege of…

Sister Helen Holy

The 701 Club: Trousseaus, Trump and Transitions

Brothers and Sisters, I have returned from a lengthy period of spiritual retreat, renewal and rest. As I was afraid, the world has nearly come to a stop in my absence. Let me get caught up on a few things, which have…


Well, Let Me Say This About That Marriage And More

It seemed possible that being a gay wedding consultant might be the next big thing, but I am now convinced that being a gay marriage counselor may be bigger. Here are some issues that have hit my radar since we…

Pink Traveler

Dushi & Proud

Pack your swimsuit, sunscreen and sense of adventure. It’s time to experience Pride in the Caribbean! We just returned from Curaçao to scope out the scene in anticipation of its upcoming five-day LGBT Pride celebration from September 30-October 4, 2015.…

Moxie Mo Show

Windows 10: What You Need to Know

It’s been a few moments since we’ve mentioned Microsoft, but they’ve rightfully earned a reason for our attention. This Wednesday, July 29, Microsoft will launch Windows 10 as a free upgrade. Don’t worry, this isn’t your Windows 8 debacle. According…

Queer In The Kitchen

Roasted Roots, Greens

In the past there wasn’t much about a making a salad that excited me. I always followed the basic midwestern formula of a tiny bit of greens, even less veggies, fistfuls of cheese, mostly croutons and a crap-ton of ranch…


Win Sizzy Rocket’s “Bestie” and “Boy” Album Downloads

Enter to win new music from Sizzy Rocket! Introducing “Bestie” and “Boy” the hot new singles from rising pop star SIZZY ROCKET “Bestie” on iTunes: “Boy” on iTunes: Winners will receive a special card with access to free…